Toward Circularity
Embedding sustainability

Embedding sustainability

Sustainability must be imbedded in our culture and our daily decision-making, at all levels of the company, in order to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves, and for our industry. 

 We have established efficient processes, clear responsibilities and a slim reporting line to implement sustainability in our organization and along our supply chain. These are the measures to ensure the implementation of sustainability holistically and to reach every business area of the company.


Sustainability Steering Committee

In order to be successful, a sustainability strategy must be built on ambitious and achievable targets, and it must be fully backed by management. Our Sustainability Committee, founded in March 2017, includes the Group Chief Executive Officer as well as management representatives from each area of the company. Together, they approve the sustainability strategy and make fundamental decisions to guide the company toward achieving our sustainability goals.

Esprit Minimum Requirements Steering Committee

Esprit created the Esprit Minimum Requirements Steering Committee (EMRSC) in order to engage synergies between the departments within the company having a direct impact on sustainability: Environmental Sustainability, Product Safety, Social Sustainability and Quality Assurance. The EMRSC’s task is to agree upon and create an overarching framework of requirements, guidelines and implementation tools, all of which are aligned among the three departments and binding for all suppliers.

Implementing our policies and guidelines into our supply chain

Our designers are supported by product safety team, technicians, quality assurance teams, and buying teams to ensure that our business activities reflect the sustainability strategy. It takes all of us working together, each contributing our expertise, to achieve our shared goal of creating beautiful, high-quality, safe and sustainable products our customers will love and care for.

Our suppliers can rely on a network of support teams that exist to help them implement our requirements in production. Our local sourcing teams, our environmental and social sustainability teams work collaboratively with our suppliers on site to ensure that our products meet our quality and sustainability expectations, and to help our partners build their knowledge and skills.

Engaging our stakeholders

In addition to monitoring new developments in technology, innovation, and legislation, we listen carefully to the feedback of our customers and stakeholders on what they expect from us in terms of sustainability. Our sustainability strategy reflects these expectations and demands, and will continue to evolve to reflect changes in the future.

Our operations and marketing teams have created communication channels, e.g. via social media or customer service, in order to make it easy for our stakeholders to share their thoughts with us.  We are in direct contact with relevant authorities and NGOs, we consider the latest findings of testing institutes, and we are a member of key industry and multi-stakeholder organizations, through which we exchange with our peers on the latest sustainability developments.