Esprit donates to save the Amazon

The Amazon is in danger as fires consume important areas of the world’s largest rainforest. Fast action is needed from everybody!

Esprit is proud to donate € 20,000 to the World Wildlife Fund to support an emergency plan to save the 6,700,000 km² of forest at risk. The company wants to raise awareness and calls for action to stop the destruction. Up to 20 % of the planet’s water and oxygen are at risk, as well as the habitats of more than 34,000,000 people.

Find out more. Spread the word. Signing a petition. Donate.

It’s part of Esprit’s DNA to support social causes and take a stand on important issues. Esprit’s founder Doug Tompkins dedicated his life to conservation projects. From the beginning, Esprit Cares was established to support causes which the Company and its employees believe in. Part of the donation to the World Wildlife Fund comes from Esprit Cares selling unsold garments internally, a sustainable solution which has its own environmental impact.

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