Sustainability – the core of Esprit’s strategy

100% more sustainable cotton by 2021

Esprit’s sustainability report is out. It details how Esprit is helping to co-create a new fashion business model that fosters a circular fashion economy: where waste is eliminated, people are respected, natural resources are recycled, and our planet is revitalized.

Download the report here to read about Esprit’s long-standing industry collaborations on topics like worker’s rights, the elimination of hazardous chemicals and climate change. In 2012, Esprit made the commitment to eliminate the discharge of hazardous chemicals in their supply chain by 2020.

Further bold targets lie ahead. The company seeks to reach 100% more sustainable cotton by 2021. This means accelerating the use of organic cotton sourced from farmers that don’t use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. It also means incorporating even more recycled cotton that comes from cutting scraps from production which reduces waste and landfills.

“We are convinced that we will transform our business and continue to demonstrate leadership in the fashion industry,” says Anders Kristiansen, Esprit Group CEO.