Esprit launches the #BeEsprit gallery – express yourself!

It’s no longer enough to have a glossy campaign with perfect models that don’t look like us. What inspires us is our friends and real people we see on the street expressing their individuality in their own unique ways. ‘Be yourself’ has always been at the heart of the Esprit brand.That’s why this month Esprit launched the BeEsprit Gallery. Anyone can share photos of their favorite Esprit looks via Instagram or directly on the Esprit online shop. BeEsprit provides a platform for people to connect with the brand and each other, when they share photos of their newest Esprit pieces and the way they style them.At the #BeEsprit gallery, consumers, influencers and even Esprit employees are expressing themselves and inspiring others to do the same.The #BeEsprit Gallery is now available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and will be extended to more countries soon.